West Loop Development Site Sale

Tandem Development has recently closed on the acquisition of the West Loop development site at 1050 W Van Buren Street. Zach Pruitt, now with Cawley Commercial Real Estate, represented the ownership, Guy & Sons Auto in the sale. Guy & Sons was a highly respected business in the community, having opened their doors in the neighborhood more than 45 years ago.

Tandem Development, along with architecture firm Antunovich Associates, plans to redevelop the site to a high-rise apartment building, joining handfuls of proposed projects in the thriving West Loop neighborhood.

“Working with Dan and the Pascale family is what it’s all about for me. They have been family owned and operated, grinding it out, 12 hours a day, non-stop for years. With changes in their industry, their business deterred drastically and they could not see where their exit was. By positioning their sale for development, and achieving our pricing, we found their silver lining in all the long hours their family put in over 50 years and two generations. They are now able to pay it forward to their families and take some much-deserved time off,” says Pruitt.


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