Case Study | Andrew’s Deal at O’Hare

Creatively Solving for O’Hare’s Lack of Industrial Redevelopment Sites

ML Realty

The Problem

ML Realty faced a significant challenge in finding suitable industrial sites within the O’Hare region. The lack of available properties hindered their expansion efforts and threatened their growth.

Why They Chose Cawley CRE

Cawley CRE’s Principal Andrew Maletich recognized ML Realty’s challenges and proactively approached them with a groundbreaking proposition. His creative solution—assembling 12 individual residential parcels—and his proactive approach positioned Cawley CRE as a valuable partner for ML Realty’s need for viable industrial sites near O’Hare.

Our Solution

Andrew proposed a creative approach: assembling 12 individual and separately-owned parcels spanning 14.20 acres on Marino Court in unincorporated DuPage County. The site, long coveted by developers over the past decade, had seen multiple unsuccessful attempts at securing the parcels. 

Andrew successfully navigated the intricate landscape surrounding the site, overseeing the annexation and rezoning of the property into the Village of Itasca, overcoming regulatory hurdles, and ensuring compliance with local regulations. Despite the sellers’ hypersensitivity to selling due to previous failed attempts by other developers, Maletich’s expertise and steady direction led to a successful outcome.


Principal Q&A: A Conversation with Rawly Lantz, SIOR
Case Study | Andrew’s Deal at O’Hare

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