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From our brokers and owners to our marketing staff, Cawley Commercial Real Estate has curated a plethora of blog articles to present expert market insight to the everyday user. While we tend to showcase our recent transactions, blog articles also allow us to demonstrate our wealth of knowledge on; trends, market practices, tips, and the ever-changing economy. Below are the compiled top 5 blog articles within the past two years that might intrigue your interest.

Top 5 Uses For Industrial Properties:

Whether you’re buying, leasing, or subleasing, an industrial space gives businesses the opportunity to have a physical location to conduct their operations. In today’s market, the trick is finding what industrial property is the most practical for the business and their practice. Cawley Commercial Real Estate’s industrial expert, Dustin Albers, provides us with a brief description of each of the top 5 uses within an industrial property.
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4 Ways the Pandemic Has Changed Property Management:

In most markets, absorption is outpacing vacancy and developers are taking the opportunity to strike. So, what are the kinds of lasting effects the coronavirus pandemic has caused? We break down the four ways the pandemic has changed commercial property management today.
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The Cawley Empire: From Casinos to Commercial Real Estate:

The Cawley name has not always been synonymous with commercial real estate in the greater Chicago area, but it has always signified something of prominence. Long before Daniel Cawley formed Cawley Commercial Real Estate Commercial Real Estate, his ancestor built up a different kind of empire: casinos.
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Cawley Commercial Real Estate Facilitates Largest TIF Lombard Redevelopment Project:

Northern Baptist Theological Seminary paved the way for new uses to develop and we are excited to announce the new location of Golf Social in addition to the 3-phase development plan. This is set to be one of the largest projects Lombard has seen to date.
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4 Tips When Finding Office Space For Lease

Finding a new office space for lease can be tedious and time-consuming, especially in today’s market. Justin Harris, Senior Associate, at Cawley Commercial Real Estate provides four insightful tips for when it is time to look for office real estate.
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