Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for EeroQ at The Terminal | Humboldt Park

Chicago Quantum Exchange (CQE) alongside World Business Chicago hosted a celebration of Chicago’s quantum and tech ecosystem and welcomed EeroQ, a quantum hardware company, to their new lab Headquarters, located at The Terminal in Humboldt Park (1334 N. Kostner Avenue). Quantum computing focuses on developing technology that utilizes quantum theory to take advantage of the ways in which energy and matter behave and EeroQ is at the heart of these technological advancements.

Mayor Lightfoot attended, along with representatives from IBM, JPMorgan Chase, Protiviti, IonQ, Cawley Commercial Real Estate, IBT Group, and research institutions including the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering.

Mayor Lightfoot remarked;
This is exciting for a whole host of reasons, none the least of which is this company will make Chicago’s quantum economy that much stronger,” she said. “As many of you know, quantum technologies have the potential to revolutionize every field of science and engineering, as well as our everyday lives. It can enable advanced computing, unhackable communications—imagine that—and many other applications that have yet to be discovered. This is what the future looks like.”

“Chicago is able to become the central hub for cutting-edge quantum research and innovation in America.” Stated Mayor Lightfoot.

EeroQ’s CEO, Nick Farina, shared a similar sentiment. When they decided to relocate to Chicago from Lansing, Michigan they needed a solid building, with no basement that doesn’t vibrate with the passing of trucks or trains. The Terminal fit the bill and “Chicago has a deep bench of quantum computing talent,” Farina said, making The Terminal in Humboldt Park a standout location.

The Terminal is a 250,000 Sq.Ft. multi-tenant urban campus in the Humboldt Park neighborhood that is a hub for innovation inclusive of life sciences and hard tech. The Terminal will create a shared environment for like-minded entrepreneurs on the 2.5 acre campus.

The Terminal Developer, IBT Group LLC, was represented by Zach Pruitt, Doug Hayes, and Nicholas Schaefer of Cawley Commercial Real Estate and EeroQ was represented by Emily Smith & Victor SanMiguel with BeSpoke Commercial.

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