ML Realty Hosts Cawley Commercial Real Estate at Shooting Range

ML Realty hosted Cawley Commercial Real Estate at the Northbrook Sports Club for a gorgeous day of shooting shotguns, smoking cigars, and riding around on golf carts.

ML Realty’s Patrick Shannon (middle bottom) was the resident expert on the course, keeping everyone safe, successful and stocked with plenty of shells. While his guidance was appreciated, the amount of experienced shooters from both ML Realty and Cawley Commercial Real Estate far outnumbered the rookies. While the newcomers prided themselves on learning to hold the guns correctly and hit a few clays, the experts showed off their competitive sides by keeping score of who could shoot the most.

No matter anyone’s skill level, everyone enjoyed the opportunity to get out of the office and enjoy the perfect weather. Whether the activity is out of someone’s comfort zone or right up their alley, it’s always a great time when ML Realty and Cawley Commercial Real Estate get together.

THANK YOU, ML Realty, for your continued relationship with Cawley Commercial Real Estate!

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