Life of a Commercial Real Estate Broker… A GIF Story

Brokers among the commercial real estate industry can relate to one another when it comes to the feelings they experience on a daily basis. We decided to take you through a day in the life of CRE brokers, as told by a series of GIF’s.

1. When a cold call turns into a real lead:


2. Waiting to hear if the deal/sale officially closed:

Officially glosed

3. Trying your hardest to review a legal document on behalf of your client:

Baby Reading

4. When you receive a call that your pitch has been rescheduled for the 3rd time:

Mr. Bean

5. When the hardest deal you ever put together closes:


6. TFW you find out you beat 3 other firms for future business:

Tiger Woods


7. Going to your 5th open house of the day:

Michael Scott

8. When the deal falls through:

when the deal falls through

9. Searching CoStar for the perfect property for your client:

Searching MLS

10. When you and your client are on the exact same page:

Step Brothers


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