How to Start the New Year Off Right

A study by Scranton University found that only 19% of individuals keep their resolutions, most are abandoned by mid-January. Cawley Commercial Real Estate gives 5 tips to help you build momentum and ensure this is your best year ever.

1.) Set Reasonable and Specific Goals

  • Make it attainable and measurable
  • Be selective and make a plan
  • It’s better to move one thing forward a mile than ten things forward an inch

2.) List New Skills You’ll Need

  • New skills will help move ahead with your career and aid with keeping up with the times
  • Take note of what you’ll need to learn this year and develop a strategy for mastering these skills

3.) Make Course Corrections if Necessary

  • Goals are not carved in stone. It’s okay to adjust your goals as you go
  • If things aren’t going according to plan, ask for help

4.) Schedule Time for Yourself

  • Schedule time on your calendar where you can get away and be free from distraction

5.) Balance Work and Play

  • Our jobs and work take priority over many other things in our life, work is not going anywhere
  • The greatest wealth you can build is discretionary time

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