CPR/AED Education with American Red Cross

CPR Class

The American Red Cross provides disaster relief, lifesaving blood, training & certification, international services, and help to military families. At Cawley Commercial Real Estate, we were given the opportunity to educate ourselves and complete the training for CPR/AED certification. Not only is being certified a great training to have personally, but this can also help in the workplace environment. The class prepares you for situations you may encounter and how to react in a calm manner. Completing the training can offer a sense of relief in the workplace, if in case, anything does happens, the certified team member is educated and can keep everyone calm while instructing others how they can help.

According to the American Red Cross, the following are steps to take if you encounter a situation where CPR needs to be used. These steps serve as a reminder after one has completed training.


Thank you to the American Red Cross for offering this class and to our amazing instructor who made this course easy to understand and help prepared us to take action in a situation where this would be needed.

To learn more about the CPR/AED classes the American Red Cross offers, click here.

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