Article survey reveals the most annoying workplace jargon

Every office and industry has their own jargon. When it comes to commercial real estate, everyone seems to love using abbreviations. Just to name a few, there’s NOI, NPV, CAM, LOI, RSF, USF, and NNN. If you are not involved on either side of the industry, those letters probably mean nothing to you. But that’s the beauty of being a part of something – you are included in a community that shares their own unique language, so to speak.

While some terminology is necessary for certain professions, there is plenty of unnecessary language being thrown around the emailsphere for dramatic effect. GetResponse recently surveyed 1,000 employees of different ages and industries across the country to gather their opinions on the most annoying workplace jargon.

Words and phrases like “synergy,” “think outside the box” and “give 110%” were deemed some of the most unnecessary and cliche, according to the article survey. The article even accused common email phrasing as falling in the annoying jargon category. “As per my last email” and “just a friendly reminder” are decidedly the most dreaded, passive aggressive starts to emails. Adjectives for prospective job candidates were also under attack in this article survey, with “badass” and “rockstar” earning the biggest eye rolls from participants. 

If you are like these survey participants, you are probably silently applauding that these tacky buzzwords and overdone phrases are finally being called out. If, instead, you are thinking that these phrases don’t sound so bad and words like “synergy” are clever…well, we hope we don’t receive any passive aggressive emails from you anytime soon. Read the full article on here.

If you’re looking to brush up on your commercial real estate jargon, check out this article.

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