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Monetize Commercial Real Estate Value

The Cawley Commercial Real Estate Capital Markets team is here to help your company meet its financial goals. We provide both acquisition of debt and equity as well as investment management services and the sale of tenanted properties.

What is Real Estate Capital Markets?

The purpose of a real estate capital market is to provide investment opportunities to individuals and long-term debts to borrowers. Real estate capital markets consist of individuals and institutional investors that invest money either directly or indirectly into real estate. These sources of capital can include debt, equity, private capital, and public capital. Real estate capital markets include commercial banks, insurance companies, and mortgage Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) among other lenders. Capital markets also encompass the investor who actively buys and trades real estate securities. 

What is Commercial Real Estate Valuation?

Commercial real estate valuation is the process of estimating the value of a commercial real estate property, or a portfolio of properties. Normally, it’s based on the current market value of conditions. This process involves researching past sales and comparable properties, as well as analyzing current rents and market trends. The main purpose of commercial real estate valuation is to provide lenders, appraisers and buyers with an opinion of the value of the property.

Can Commercial Real Estate Create Equity?

Absolutely, commercial real estate can create equity. It is created when the money a business generates from the property is greater than the cost of owning the property. This can be achieved in several ways. Here are a few examples:

  • Leasing space to tenants and collecting rent
  • Leveraging the value of the property for additional financing
  • Appreciating the value of the property within growths or improvements 

The commercial real estate market serves as a significant driver of the economy in the United States, with over trillions of dollars worth of global value. Additionally, individuals with a well-established investment strategy can leverage their commercial property equity to expand their portfolios. Leveraged commercial property equity, as mentioned, enables investors to scale and diversify portfolios.

Property Sales

Property Sales

Provide transaction expertise in the acquisition and disposition of commercial real estate properties through seller and buyer representation.

Valuation and Advisory

Valuation and Advisory

Provide accurate and reliable property valuation and advisory services to assist owners in maximizing the value of their real estate investments.

Debt and Structured Finance

Debt and Structured Finance

Provide debt and equity guidance to meet both ownership capital requirements and tenant working capital. We work within the entire capital stack.

Our Team

Cawley Commercial Real Estate’s Capital Markets Team focuses on industrial and office related asset classes and properties ranging in value from $2-15 million in the Chicagoland area. By working closely with the rest of Cawley Commercial Real Estate’s submarket specialists, the Capital Markets team works to help you make informed decisions that are backed by the numbers.

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