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Our experienced advisory team provides end-to-end services by working with you from introduction of market insight all the way through project delivery.

What is Commercial Real Estate Brokerage?

Commercial real estate brokerage is the venture of assisting buyers and sellers of commercial real estate with their real estate needs. Commercial real estate refers to properties used specifically for business or income-generating purposes. The four main classes of commercial real estate are office space, retail, industrial, and multi-family rentals.

A commercial real estate broker often provides expertise in sales, leasing, tenant representation, investment analysis, financial analysis, due diligence, market research and asset management. Commercial real estate brokers must also have extensive knowledge of tax and zoning laws. 

What is Tenant Representation?

Tenant representation is a form of real estate brokerage that focuses on helping tenants in commercial real estate transactions. Tenant representatives negotiate on behalf of tenants looking to lease or purchase commercial space, from small offices to industrial warehouses. The tenant is acquiring the most suitable property with the best possible conditions. The tenant representative typically works with property owners and landlords to secure a favorable lease or purchase agreement for the tenant. This can involve providing the tenant with market intelligence, negotiating the terms of the lease, and helping the tenant through the process of making a purchase.



Over 80% of Cawley Commercial Real Estate business is conducted on the asset representation side. We work closely with property owners, landlords and investors of commercial real estate to create and enhance value of their investment(s). Our experts will provide knowledgeable marketing intel, including a leasing strategy and analysis, property research & positioning, ongoing retention, and continued transactional assistance, ensuring our client the best experience in the market.



Cawley Commercial Real Estate tenant representation services focus solely on the space needs of our clients. Working closely with tenants of all sizes, our goal is to produce creative solutions, optimize space, and drive profitability through our strategic planning process, thorough research and market knowledge, financial and location analysis, and skilled negotiation tactics. Every company has a vision and a story, so we work with our clients to create an environment that represents theirs.

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